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What makes the best yoga retreats in the world so amazingly popular? The benefits of attending a high-quality retreat are numerous and they include connecting with nature, disconnecting from technology, assessment of your own self, getting a taste of living with a purpose, adopting yoga and meditation into your daily routine, eliminating negative thinking, making friends belonging to different cultures, enhancing physical and mental health, discovering a new perspective, deepening your yoga practice, learning to maintain a relaxed state of mind, improving your physical health and many more. You need to identify high-quality yoga studios to enjoy all these benefits. Here are the 4 best yoga retreats in Spain:


Surya Retreat – Azulfit Yoga and Pilates Retreat in Fuerteventura


It is one of the most renowned yoga and Pilates retreats in Europe. Talented and experienced yoga teachers will teach you how to stretch your body using different asanas to increase the strength and improve the posture, Moreover; your mental health will be maximized by the systematic practice of meditation and pranayama. The holistic massage and healthy vegetarian meals compliment your practice in the best manner and watching the stunning sunsets over the volcanoes instill a lot of positive energy in whatever way possible. It does not matter whether you are a beginner, advanced or intermediate learner, this retreat center offers the most suitable classes for people of all skill levels.


Diseminado Buscastell – Sunset Mountain Ibiza Yoga Retreat


Ibiza is a wonderfully attractive Mediterranean island with beautiful beaches and turquoise water. This yoga retreat allows you to explore your body and mind by enjoying the beauty of this stunning island and this self exploratory journey transcends your life into unimaginable heights. You can attend yoga and meditation classes under the supervision of totally committed and knowledgeable yogis and yoginis and there sound bath sessions, chanting and Ayurvedic massages to help you achieve inner happiness and peace within. Accommodation is offered in a farm house with a pool and it is being built using traditional architecture to make you feel that you are sitting on the lap of Mother Nature.

Sant Marti de Centelles – Omshanti Yoga Retreat in Barcelona


Omshanti offers one of the best yoga retreats in Spain and you can go home totally rejuvenated and charged up. You can come across a system in this center that allows you to learn, develop and evolve at your own pace. A complete package consisting of yoga training, meditation practice, spirituality workshops, breathing technique sessions, nature walks and dance celebrations is offered to ensure your overall development.


La Crisalida Rejuvenating Yoga Retreats in Alicante


This spiritually designed retreat center offers all the right personal development tools to acquire the best balance between activity and rest. In such a situation, you can easily release unwanted stress and tension and a relaxed state of mind can be achieved. This yoga center also integrates nature walks and meditation classes into the package to deliver optimal benefits. It provides spacious en-suite accommodation and you can enjoy exceptionally tasty but highly healthy meals as well.