Relaxation Pose (Savasana) [sah-vahs-anna]

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Relaxation Pose (Savasana) [sah-vahs-anna] Pose | Reclining

Relaxation Pose - Savasana

Perhaps the most difficult posture of all! We may think we have completely relaxed and released tension but, in fact, are still holding on somewhere, somehow. Savasana calls to our immediate attention the myriad of layers of thoughts and feelings we are presently holding in our BodyMind. To consciously and thoroughly "let go" is asked of us each time we go here. With earnest practice, we increase our abilities to more swiftly induce deep peace and relaxation for ourselves.

  1. Lie flat on the back with arms resting comfortably along the sides of the body, palms upward. Legs are extended and slightly turned outward; this translates down to the ankles and feet.
  2. Find your place of complete physical comfort by making slight adjustments. Could your hips feel "more free" if you separated your ankles and feet a tiny bit more? What is going on along your spine? Is support of a blanket needed anywhere? Are your head and spine in a straight line? Be secure in your foundation before proceeding.
  3. Close your eyes. Gently guide them to the place between your eyebrows, the Ajna or Sun Center. Relax the entire brow. Relax the jaw and let your chin drop down. Become aware of your natural breath and its rhythm.
  4. Focus upon your Sun Center and call forth a feeling of tranquility. Let this sense of stillness and calm stream down into your whole body. Feel how Earth supports the weight of your body in its entirety. Let Go.
  5. Remain here for 2 to 15 minutes


  • Relaxes the entire psycho-physiological system
  • Quiets heart and pulse rates
  • Develops BodyMind awareness

Cautionary Notes/Modifications

  • Begin your yoga practice with this pose
  • Use this pose through out your practice, particularly after highly dynamic postures.
  • End your practice with 5-15 minutes of Savasana
  • If your mind is active, count your breaths. Begin at number 27 and count down to zero. Mentally repeat "I am breathing in 27, I am breathing out 27, I am breathing in 26, I am breathing out 26", etc. Note when the mind begins to wander and return to the count.
  • Mentally scan (communicate with) each and every part of your body. Begin with your right side and repeat the process on the left. Feel each part relax, one by one, and merge into the Earth. Make a full connection; don't leave any major parts out.
  • Take this as far and deep as you wish. Go into your microcosm, cell by cell. Explore membranes, tissues, vessels, arteries, bone marrow. Visit a chromosome or "swim" through a blood vessel. Our imaginations are tools of divinity that intuitively lead us to knowledge, compassion and wisdom.