Yoga Poses, Positions or Asanas

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"Well, first off, Thank you so much for letting me try the free yoga practice! I thought you were going to email me a few poses, but it was a whole session! I worked through the whole thing on my mat in our home office. I've been practicing yoga by reading books and this was so much better!!! Her verbal instructions are great. When I wasn't sure I was doing something right I just looked up at the computer! I am definately interested in this! I have the Yoga Learning Center as one of my favorites on my computer so it's easy to get to. I love the website. Thanks for the opportunity to learn!" - Brandy

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Approaching Asanas/Poses

In Sanskrit, Asana means "pose" or "posture." You will find many of the following poses listed with their Sanskrit name, meaning and pronunciation. When performing any pose, listen to your inner wisdom to explore each and every step. We are all different, so throughout each pose if something doesn't feel right or causes pain, modify the pose to your comfort level or completely release it.

Hold the pose for as long as you feel comfortable. There is never a timetable to follow just remember to use the breath and your internal feeling as your guide.

Our Asanas are organized into six catagories: Standing, Seated, Twists, Inversions, Reclining, Back Bends and Forward bends. You may also search by keyword or phrases using the search box in the header of this page.