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Unfortunately, some people have not yet realized the amazing benefits of attending a yoga retreat in Mexico, as Costa Rica’s yoga retreats are more frequented. It is not just relaxation only, but the transformation you undergo cannot be expressed in words. It is something you need to experience and this experience will make revolutionary changes in your life. Here are the 7 best yoga retreats in Mexico:


Casa Los Mangos – Volcan Laguna Retreat in Santa Maria Del Oro


This is a very renowned yoga retreat center in Mexico and attending yoga classes here will teach you how to acquire inner peace. When you go out from this retreat center, yoga would become an integral part of your life. Apart from the yoga sessions, you can enjoy acupressure and aromatherapy sessions in a setting that embraces tranquility in the best manner. Luxurious accommodation and vegan meals are provided to make your practice all the more purposeful.


La Palmita – Yoga Dicha Studio Retreat in Tulum


Do you want to escape to the ever captivating Tulum for a personal yoga holiday? This is the best place to visit and it has all right recipe for an unforgettable holiday for rejuvenation and relaxation. The package comprises of immersive yoga classes, heating massage, visits to breathtaking landscapes, tasteful and health food and soothing accommodation.

Casa Laguna All Suites Hotel – Travelling Yogi Retreats in Puerto Vallarta


This retreat experience will take your yoga holiday experience into a completely different level. It empowers your physical and mental strength, and you can have great fun on land as well as water. Classes are conducted for beginner, intermediate and advanced learners and the package combines yoga practice with meditation classes, beach activities, waterfall hike and highly luxurious accommodation in a perfect way.


Cerritos Beach Inn Yoga Retreat in La Paz


This retreat offers you the finest opportunity to get rid of stress and fatigue and it refreshes and energizes you to optimize your productivity. Highly knowledgeable and skilled yoga teachers will guide you correctly to experience the maximum benefits of practicing yoga and the peaceful surrounding eliminates all types of distractions. Other highlights of this retreat are highly informative yoga workshops, relaxing beach accommodation, tasty food and trips to breathtaking attractions.


Equilibrium Healing Resort in Jalisco


This amazingly popular healing resort offers the best yoga retreats in Mexico. Finding your balance within becomes a reality with yoga practice and the digital detox experience removes all impurities from your mind. The gourmet cleaning purifies your body and you can experience complete immersion in nature under the guidance of qualified instructors.


Casa Holistic Yoga Retreat in Metepec


This yoga and meditation retreat offers you the right tools that change or enhance your bad habits and you can unleash your hidden potential with utmost efficiency. Highly advanced yoga classes and meditation sessions conducted by eminent yogis and yoginis will make you a better human being and you can reach a state of higher consciousness.


Los Milagritos Guesthouse – I Am Mermaid Paddle Yoga Retreat


You can learn and experience what exactly yoga brings into your like with constant practice. This retreat also incorporates meditation classes and sound healing and you can also get engaged in activities such as surfing, stand up paddle excursions and shopping as well. The vegetarian meals cleanse your body effectively and the luxury villas ensure good rest and sound sleep.