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Are you feeling overworked and highly stressed? If your mind and body feel fatigued and strained, you can definitely consider attending a retreat center for yoga in India. It will help you disconnect completely from your routine and this experience is going to transform your life in an amazing way. The best yoga retreats combine asana, meditation and nature activities harmoniously to deliver the ultimate form of relaxation and rejuvenation. Here are the 5 best yoga retreats in India:

Shreyas Retreat in Bangalore, Karnataka

If you are searching for high quality yoga retreat centers in India, Shreyas Retreat in Bangalore or Bengaluru is certainly one of the finest options available. It spreads across 25 acres of inspiring greenery and fascinating water bodies and you can follow ashram style living to learn the best yoga methods available. The ambiance inside is thoroughly inviting and it makes you highly comfortable to take your mind and body into the path of self discovery. This yoga retreat offers a luxurious setup and you can pamper yourself and indulge in relaxing and fun activities without worrying about any distractions. Shreyas Retreat provides yoga sessions, meditation classes, spa visits, nutritious and organic vegetarian food, participating in community service activities, workshops on yoga and its philosophy and many more.
Ananda Yoga Retreat or Spa is situated in the breathtaking expanse of the Himalayas. You cannot find a better retreat with a serene and inviting atmosphere in India and it helps you redefine your lifestyle, outlook and attitude by following the ancient yoga technique and skills. This luxurious retreat provides yoga classes, meditation sessions, pranayama classes and other cultural immersion activities intended to purify your body and mind.
This yoga retreat is located in the God’s Own Country, Kerala. The exact location is Western Ghats foothills and this ashram provides a completely serene and inspiring ambiance for practicing yoga. The most accomplished teachers available in this retreat will teach you how to get immersed into yoga practices and silent meditation and you will also get opportunities to attend highly informative discussions on spirituality and yoga.
Munnar is certainly one of the most beautiful tourist places in Kerala and this yoga retreat is located in the midst of tea plantations in Munnar. Kaivalyam offers the most ideal setting for yoga practice because of the natural forest cover and the inside ambiance of this retreat creates an immediate relaxing effect on your body and mind. You will get the opportunity for nature excursions in addition to attending yoga and meditation classes. This retreat spreads across 11 acres and the combined effect of yoga classes, meditation sessions, spice plantation walks and bird watching is going to change your life forever.
Isha Yoga Center, located at the foothills of the Velliangiri Mountains, is definitely one of the best yoga retreats in India. It offers the perfect atmosphere for self discovery and inner growth, and a large number of people all around world are visiting this ashram to learn yoga and lead a productive life.  This center is also a home to a beautiful garden, Isha Rejuvenation Center and luxurious and vibrant residential area and you can learn what inner engineering is all about at this famous yoga retreat center.