The location in the tropics, the rich culture of the locals and the serene natural atmosphere make Bali a yoga retreat destination for many yogis from all over the world. It is considered a wellness and yoga retreat paradise – hosting several world-renowned resorts and centers with experienced teachers and customizable packages to enhance your well being.


The following are the 10 best yoga retreats in Bali that you want to check out when planning to visit this beautiful island for a yoga holiday.


Balinese Yoga Retreat

1) Blooming Lotus Yoga Retreat in Bali

Whether you are new to yoga or are an expert at it, the Blooming Lotus Yoga Retreat of Bali offers a variety of packages for beginner and intermediate students. It’s location in Ubud, the Bali yoga hub, tells you a lot about what you will be up for. The center offers a variety of  roomoptions in their 4-day and 7-day packages.

The combination of it’s gorgeous location, value, and the skilled teachers that Blooming Lotus Yoga is famous for, have made this one of the most popular yoga retreats in all of Bali.

Among the offerings included are transformative workshops, daily yoga sessions to rejuvenate your body and mind, and step-by-step meditation guidance to enhance mindfulness and inner peace. The inspiring teachers will help you find balance in your life and teach you powerful methods to integrate body, mind and soul.  They also offfer 200-hr yoga teacher training courses and have a 2nd location in Koh Phangan, where they host their Thailand Yoga Retreats.

Pros & Cons

Affordability & Value

Spectular Location w/ Breathtaking Views

Amazing Food!!

Easy Booking: Retreats Start Almost Every Sunday

Phenomenal Teachers!

Need to Book Early (as retreats fill up fast)

Limited Spaces

Only 5 Private Rooms


This is THE most popular yoga retreat in Bali for good reason! With groups ranging from 12-20 people, their retreats and rooms fill up quick, so book as early as possible to make sure you get in.

If you want privacy go for their Private Villa option, or if you want to immerse yourself into a more community atmosphere and make new friends their Shared Suite or Shared Deluxe rooms are perfect.

Luxury Yoga Retreat Bali

2) Como Shambhala Yoga Retreat in Ubud

The Como Shambhala yoga retreat center is located in the valley of the Payagan village a 30 minutes’ drive north of Ubud. The resort offers weekly well-being and yoga programs all year round; instructed by their resident yoga teachers, and has dieticians and Ayurvedic doctors to ensure that your stay is as exquisite as possible. Away from the classes, you can spend time in the spa, gym or beauty treatment centers to escape into blissful ecstacy.

top yoga retreats in Bali

3) Fivelements Yoga Retreat

The forested hills and rice plantations surrounding this five-star resort of healthy living make it a desirable destination near Ubud for yoga retreat in Bali. It is renowned for its holistic retreats with a touch of the Balinese culture led by both local and international masters of yoga and world renowned instructors. You can choose from a 3-night to a 21-night package that comes with meditation, yoga and healing sessions depending on your retreat goals. What’s more, you can sign up for massages, water healing, and healing energy sessions. You will be served healthy cuisines with vegetarian options and take part in Balinese ceremonies if you like.

Ubud yoga center

4) Naya Ubud Yoga Retreat Center

Here you will have the option to either pick private or group retreats each of which offers comprehensive and well-instruction yoga sessions, meditation and wellbeing workshops. The Pool Joglo, where most of the yoga teachings take part is surrounding by a natural setting which creates the best atmosphere. On the sides, you can chill at the spa, hair studio, the Ozone infinity pool or at the Steam Grotto. You can be sure to be served Balinese delicacies and enjoy a healthy diet, live music performances, dancing, and much more.

Zen yoga retreat in Bali

5) Zen Resort Yoga & Wellness Retreats

Zen Resort is one retreat center you want to check out when in Bali for a holistic retreat. It is located up north on the coast of Singaraja, and the environment is just perfect for yoga asanas, pranayama, and meditation. What makes this center different is that it offers personalized yoga sessions, which can also be tailored to various health conditions such as diabetes and digestive problems. You can choose from 3 to 21-night programs which include sunrise meditations, wellness consultations, spa treatments and optional dolphin watching.

hatha yoga escape in bali

6) ONEWORLD Yoga Retreats in Bali

Whether you travel as an individual or with a group oftravelers, the ONEWORLD yoga retreat resort offers different courses aimed at helping you achieve your goals. They include guided meditations, yoga techniques, wellness sessions, and spa. The good thing is that you can have your schedule spread out during the day if you wish to take part in other activities like the discovery journey where you get in touch with Mother Nature.

bali yoga retreat studio

7) The Yoga Barn Retreats in Ubud

The Yoga Barn is one of the many studios you cannot miss to come across when looking at the yoga retreats in Bali. It is located in central Ubud and offers sessions for all levels of training including short-break, private and meditation classes. If you like practicing in a group, you will love the Yoga Barn since the open-air studios are big with over 100 classes each week, including vinyasa, hatha, ashtanga and bikram classes. The other studios offer a sanctuary to relax, meditate, practice and find time alone with yourself. The packages include 7-day detox, 3-day cleansing, as well as Ayurvedic rejuvenation plus optional cultural events in Ubud to help you enjoy your vacation.

yoga retreat bali

8) Bagus Jati Yoga Retreat

Another yoga retreat Bali has to showcase and one that you can rely on to get a package that suits your level of training is Bagus Jati. Among the best yoga retreats in Bali, the Bagus Jati is renowned for its focus on health, coaching and wellbeing. The serene environment in the Tegallalang village in northern Ubud is ideal for the yoga and Ayurvedic packages that the resort offers. The daily yoga classes in the morning take place in the central circular yoga pavilion, and you also get an additional hour for a private session. Also, you can spend quality time in the rejuvenation spas and have a meal at their restaurant that offers fresh and healthy gourmet meals.

amazing yoga vacations and holidays

9) Kura Kura Yoga Resort

The seclusion of the Kura Kura resort near the south-east Bali coastline creates the right impression of time away from the business of our daily lives. While at it, you will have time to appreciate yoga and learn more about it from the experienced and skilled yoga teachers. Most of the teachings take place in the central yoga Shala after which most visitors prefer spending time alone or meeting like-minded people on the retreat. A 10-day package is broken down into daily intensive yoga sessions in the morning, pranayama exercises, chanting, and restorative afternoon classes and discussions.

budget yoga retreats in Ubud bali

10) Sukhavati Ayurvedic Retreat

As you can tell from the name, the Sukhavati Ayurvedic resort specializes in wellness, healing, and therapies in addition to yoga teachings. It is located Abianbase, a rural village north of Denpasar overlooking vast rice plantations. The ayurveda packages vary from single-day to 10-day options with intensity increasing with the number of days. The private and group ayurvedic treatments and yoga teachings are conducted by trained resident experts to ensure the guests get the best services. Spa treatments are also available at the River Spa located close to the Penet River.

If you asked “Why is Bali is the world’s leading yoga retreat destination?” or “What Bali Yoga Retreat should I choose?” these centers are the main reason and your best choice.  They offer everything you can dream of and more!

Bali Yoga Retreat Advice & Tips

What is the meaning of the word yoga’? Yoga means union and it can be described as a practice that connects your mind, spirit and body with the help of controlled breathing, meditation and different body postures. According to famous exponents of this practice, it is an expression of life. In this highly stressed and fast paced world, yoga is the right medication for the human body, and mind and soul. Conventional medications such a stress relievers and sleeping pills invite a lot of side effects, but yoga is the one that is completely safe and you don’t have to worry about consuming any chemicals as well.

How to take advantage of the amazing possibilities of yoga in Bali?

You can go to a retreat as a part of your vacation and it is always advisable to choose a place like Bali that is home to some lovely yoga retreat centers like Blooming Lotus Yoga. The best Bali yoga retreat centers teach you how to get into a state where you see and experience the reality at its purest form, and it is being done by offering highly beneficial yoga classes in a systematic way.

Here are the other things that you need to consider…

Choose a Bali yoga sanctuary that offers well-thought out retreat packages

High quality retreat concepts do not confine themselves to offering hatha yoga classes alone. They put forward a complete package that contains two yoga classes comprising of one sunset sequence and one sunrise sequence, transformative workshops, step by step meditation practice classes and unforgettable cultural immersion activities. All these activities and sessions combine well to create a magical effect on your body and mind.

Consider a teacher training program instead

Bali vinyasa yoga retreat centers also offer YTT programs for aspiring teachers. These programs not only allow you to experience the transformation by yourself but also help you facilitate this experience to others for making this world a better place to live in.

Practice yoga in nature

Yoga offers maximum benefits when it is practiced in a natural environment with pure air, clear space and peaceful ambiance. That is exactly why ashtanga yoga retreat centers are situated far away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It allows you to practice yoga in a natural environment.

Find an intimate group setting for your retreat

High quality yoga retreat concepts always provide a safe and supportive environment where you can learn, interact, ask questions and develop a personal connection with teacher and other participants. This intimate group setting promotes best relaxation and pure awareness.

Remember that spiritual growth is the ultimate aim of a perfect retreat

Perfect examples of hatha yoga retreat concepts focus on teaching people how to let go all that cloud the remembrance of your true nature. Your imprints, memories, emotions and thought patterns are purified to take you into a path of real spiritual growth.

Enjoy the opportunity to learn from real yogis in Bali

These retreat centers give you the lifetime opportunity of learning yoga from the real yogis who live and embody the essence of yoga. They will inspire and guide you to be on a path of spiritual growth and thereby rediscovering yourself.