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World's Best Yoga Retreat of 2019!

Blooming Lotus Yoga

Best Yoga Retreat in Bali

photo courtesy of facebook: @bloominglotusyogaretreat

We've rated dozens of international yoga retreats! From the best yoga retreats in Greece, the top yoga retreats of Hawaii, the most intimate New Zealand yoga retreats and epic Mexican yoga retreats we've featured alot of incredible places. However, if we had to choose, this year's best yoga retreat would definitely be Blooming Lotus Yoga, in Ubud, Bali.

Enchanting, amazing, paradise on earth and mind-blowing. These are all words that have been used to describe Bali. These words barely do justice when it comes to describing this little slice of heaven. Many other individuals who have traveled to Bali have enjoyed the beauty this region offers ranging from its sandy beaches to lush tropical rainforests. Go for a walk in one of its jungles and all you are surrounded by is quiet, peace and tranquility. The different flora and fauna present gives you an understanding of how beautifully nature blends in this region. Feeling hungry? There are fruits almost everywhere you look. Pluck one and enjoy yet another of the beautiful things this island holds.

The beautiful rivers within the monkey forest of Ubud echo a peaceful melody as their waters flow. You can enjoy this melody as you meditate and fall in love with the beautiful nature all around you. If you previously had a hidden fear for jungles you will fall in love with them in Bali as you explore the different aspects this beautiful island has to offer and tap into the energy the beautiful green has.

Many yoga retreats take place in these jungles. Yogis from all over the world come down to sample a yoga retreat in Bali.

There are many yoga retreat centers in Bali that give you a chance to experience a digital detox. Our phones, constant urge to keep up with people on social platforms, computers and other devices can create disorder and insecurity in our lives. You will have none of these things with you during your retreat allowing you to have a total disconnect from the modern world and the pressures it brings. You will begin to know what truly matters and say goodbye to material things that often keep you grounded. In turn, you will get to connect with nature as you feel the earth around you and begin to understand what your place is in it.

You will get to feel a new space and enjoy it. These retreats allow you to experience an environment you are not used to. This space helps you grow, learn, experience joy and begin to live. It is a safe space free from judgement of any kind. You will begin to forget the life you have temporarily left behind and begin to embrace a new one that is simpler and much more relaxed. One will become able to remove themselves from their current circumstances by transforming their previous line of thought. An individual will create new circumstances built on the insightful teachings their yoga instructors will present.

There are many centers that offer you these benefits but one in particular that stands out: Blooming Lotus Yoga. This Yoga Alliance certified school is the number one go-to destination when it comes to a Bali yoga retreat, as you can see from reviews like these.  This is because the staff and teachers at this center have all been equipped with the necessary skills to oversee a world-class yoga retreat. Book a space today and experience it for yourself!

...and just in case you decide to take a short flight over to Thailand they also have one of the most spectacular yoga retreat Thailand has to offer.